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Zhejiang Huachen Nonwovens Co., Ltd is China wholesale Medical Protective Nonwoven Fabric manufacturers and OEM Medical Protective Nonwoven Fabric factory. Our products cover a wide range of industries including medical, hometextile, package, hyegine and agriculture, horticulture so on. we are mainly doing customized products according to the customers’ usage.
We will have corresponding inspections for each process, starting from the arrival of raw materials and auxiliary materials, and secondly, QC will also test the products during the production process. We have professional equipment to check the color, and test the weight, strength, and elongation and special requirements of customers.
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Every step has witnessed our development
Factory was established to create a brand new brilliant road.
Zhejiang Huachen was established to creat new brilliant road.
Established international sales department, started export
Hangzhou Micker was established" brand new brilliant road.

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Industry knowledge

We are Medical Protective Nonwoven Fabric suppliers.
Advantages of Medical protective nonwoven fabric:
Provides a barrier against microorganisms and fluids
Waterproof and breathable
Resistant to tears and abrasions
Cost-effective and disposable
Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses
Medical protective nonwoven fabric is a specialized material used in the manufacture of personal protective equipment (PPE). This fabric is designed to provide a high level of protection against infectious agents, such as bacteria and viruses, and is used in a variety of medical applications.
One of the significant advantages of medical protective nonwoven fabric is its ability to provide excellent barrier protection. The tightly packed fibers in the fabric prevent the passage of bacteria and viruses, reducing the risk of infection. Medical protective nonwoven fabric is used in the production of face masks, surgical gowns, and other protective equipment used by healthcare workers.
Medical protective nonwoven fabric is also lightweight and breathable, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods. The fabric's ability to regulate temperature and provide ventilation is essential in reducing the risk of heat stress and other heat-related illnesses.
Another advantage of medical protective nonwoven fabric is its resistance to liquids and chemicals. The fabric can repel blood, bodily fluids, and other substances, reducing the risk of contamination and infection. Additionally, the fabric is resistant to tears and punctures, providing an additional layer of protection against accidental exposure to infectious agents.
Overall, medical protective nonwoven fabric is a crucial material in the production of personal protective equipment used by healthcare workers. The fabric's ability to provide excellent barrier protection, comfort, and resistance to liquids and chemicals make it an essential component in the fight against infectious diseases.

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