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Zhejiang Huachen Nonwovens Co., Ltd is China wholesale Depilatory Paper manufacturers and OEM Depilatory Paper factory. Our products cover a wide range of industries including medical, hometextile, package, hyegine and agriculture, horticulture so on. we are mainly doing customized products according to the customers’ usage.
We will have corresponding inspections for each process, starting from the arrival of raw materials and auxiliary materials, and secondly, QC will also test the products during the production process. We have professional equipment to check the color, and test the weight, strength, and elongation and special requirements of customers.
Development Path
Every step has witnessed our development
Factory was established to create a brand new brilliant road.
Zhejiang Huachen was established to creat new brilliant road.
Established international sales department, started export
Hangzhou Micker was established" brand new brilliant road.

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Industry knowledge

We are Depilatory Paper suppliers.
Advantages of Depilatory paper:
Soft and comfortable
Gentle on the skin
Cost-effective and disposable
Easy to use and apply
Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses 
Depilatory paper is a type of nonwoven fabric that is used in hair removal treatments. This fabric is made from high-quality fibers that are engineered to provide a high level of absorption and strength.
One of the significant advantages of depilatory paper is its ability to quickly and effectively remove hair. The fabric's high level of absorption and strength make it an ideal choice for use in waxing treatments.
Another advantage of depilatory paper is its ease of use. The fabric can be easily cut and shaped to fit a variety of areas on the body. Additionally, depilatory paper can be used with a variety of hair removal products, including wax, sugar paste, and depilatory creams.
Depilatory paper is also hygienic and easy to dispose of. The fabric can be easily disposed of after use, reducing the risk of contamination and infection.
Overall, depilatory paper is an essential material for anyone looking to provide high-quality hair removal treatments. The fabric's absorption, strength, and ease of use make it an ideal choice for a variety of hair removal applications.

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