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Hometexitle Use Nonwoven PP, PET, SMS, SPE Nonwoven

Today's non-woven textile industry has moved toward fashion, personality, environmental protection and other new areas. As a pacesetter of non-woven industry, Non-woven home textile stimulates the rapid development of non-woven polypropylene industry.

Detailed description:


10-100 gsm




White Mainly


Anti-Static, Breathable, Eco-Friendly, Mothproof, Shrink-Resistant, Waterproof, Fire-retardant


PP, PET, SMS, SPE Nonwoven


Bed sheet, Bedding bag, Sofa sets, Furniture Cover, Suits sets, Pillow cases, and so on.

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Since 2003
Huachen Nonwovens is Custom Hometexitle Use Nonwoven PP, PET, SMS, SPE Nonwoven Suppliers and Hometexitle Use Nonwoven PP, PET, SMS, SPE Nonwoven Company, specializes in the production of non-woven fabrics and nonwoven products. At it’s begining, two domestic advanced production lines of spunbonded nonwoven made from polypropylen long fiber.
To adapt to market development, Zhejiang Huachen Nonwovens Co., Ltd. was established in December 2009, and the international advanced nonwoven production equipment including SS, SSS, SMS and SMMS were put into production.

The company covers an area of 20,000 square meter, possesses six production lines, more than 150 employees. Customized Hometexitle Use Nonwoven PP, PET, SMS, SPE Nonwoven. Our non-woven fabric and its products have been exported to the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Brazil, Vietnam and many other countries, and received wide acclaim at home and abroad.

In the business philosophy of “Quality Supreme, Creditable Operation”, we’d like to cooperate with all customers and create brilliance together!

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